The firm Diritto & Derechos specializes in drafting Powers of Attorney for Spain and other Spanish Italian and English-speaking countries.
For matters such as successions, property transactions, opening bank accounts, etc., to be carried out in Spain or other Spanish or English-speaking countries, our firm prepares Powers of Attorney to be signed before an Italian Notary.
The drafting of the power of attorney text is done in collaboration with the client and the Notary or Authority of the State where the power of attorney must be valid.
We handle the sworn translation and legalization of the document (Apostille of The Hague) and the sending of the finished document.
The granting of the power of attorney can take place before any Notary in Italy. The firm will arrange for the text to be sent in Italian.
For a quote, you can contact us:
In Italy, our offices are located in Rome or Vicenza. Email:
In Spain, our offices are located in Tenerife or Barcelona. Email:
+39.3273446865 (also available on WhatsApp)
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